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If one observes the current pattern of finances it will not be very difficult to figure that the developed first world countries have reached a stage of saturation where no developments are taking place. However, the picture is very different in developing countries such as India where new markets are emerging by the minute. With the boom in the economy and the emergence of new markets, the developing countries are the center of attention of a lot of equity release. The various schemes of the equity release were formerly practiced in the West and now they are being put in vogue in the countries that are striving for development as well.

The equity release that are linked to dwelling establishments are fast gaining popularity. These schemes and plans are especially helpful for the couples who are without a child or for the ones who do not have a child of their own. In today’s world where everyone is following the mantra of liberalization, it does not make any sense to expect anything from children when they grow up and get busy with their own families and lives.

This is why it is important for old parents to have something for security to see them through their old age. In such cases, the various schemes of equity release are going to help the people in their old age to meet their living expense. These schemes will also help in meeting the medical expenses of the old age which is the major most concern of an aging couple.

Most of the schemes that are introduced in form of equity releases allow the couple to keep their houses for as long as they wish. If the couple wants they can either sell a part of their whole property for a lump sum or can place orders for their property to be utilized as per their wishes after their death.

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